1 Feb

Forest school Panthers


We have been enjoying Forest school this year, learning lots of new skills and using different tools such as a mallet. We enjoying creating art through natural resources and making dens. 

15 Dec


We tried some sprouts and made mixed feelings about them.. so we found ways of making them tasty. We tested them out on staff and our friends to see if we had improved the taste! 

2 Oct

Amazon Art



We learnt all about the animals who live the Amazon. We created collages of these animals and shared out beautiful work with the school.


9 Jun

Panthers trip to UCLAN Science Fair

Panthers Class had a fantastic trip to UCLAN Science Fair! We learnt about the science of superheroes and how own own bodies work, as well as how birds fly. We loved exploring the stalls at the fair and had a chance to fly drones as drive a formula 1 car simulator. We also discussed whether ghosts…

16 Mar

Panthers Class Gymnastics

Panthers Class have created fantastic gymnastic routines this half term. They have worked so had to create both paired and individual routines, focussing balancing and counter balancing. In order to do this, they had to work in sync with their partners and consider how their could move with…

20 Jan

Nepalese Cookery

Panthers Class have been cooking a traditional Nepalese thukpa this week as part of our unit 'Nepal and the Himalayas'. They tasted a traditional thukpa (a vegetable noodle soup) before designing their own. They had to choose appropriate vegetables and spices.


As part of their DT, they…

17 Oct

Panthers Class Lego Workshop

Panthers Class have had a fantastic morning building as part of a lego workshop as part of our Science unit on forces. We made martian colonies, designing modules for living, working and exploration. We also learnt to use gears, pulleys and levers. Everyone was fantastically creative with their…

30 Sep

Greek tunics

Panthers Class have been studying the Ancient Greeks and designed and created their own chitons. They investigated historical clothing, looking at primary sources, before designing their own. They had to measure and cut their fabric based on their own measurements, and then they sewed it using a…

22 Sep

Panthers Class Geography and Art week

Panthers Class have been learning about Peru and the Amazon Rainforest this week, focussing on the town of Puerto Maldonado and it's place within the Amazon Rainforest. We have located the rainforests of the world and studied the Amazon in more detail. We looked at the economy of the town and how…

16 Jul

Visit from the Lancashire Archives

We've been taking part in really exciting project this half term! We have had two visits from David at the Lancashire Archives to learn about the history of our school. He came first of all to share maps had found to help us work out when Catforth School was founded! He then went back to the…

9 Jul

Panthers Class Trip to Martin Mere

Panthers Class had a fantastic day out to Martin Mere this Friday! We started out by pond dipping, and we found lots of mini beasts. Some of our favourites were ramshorn snails and phantom midge larva, although the baby newts kept eating these while we were watching them! 

We then went for a…

27 Apr

Planting trees in forest school

Panthers Class have been planting trees which were donated to our school by the Woodland Trust! We learnt how to care for saplings, and the importance of keeping the soil moist in the early stages. We learnt about the depth of hole that is necessary for the trees, and that they would need a stick…