At Catforth, we teach for mastery and believe that fluency, reasoning and problem solving are at the core of all maths lessons, including maths across the curriculum. This approach begins from nursery and extends throughout the school to Year 6. Mastery of mathematics is something that we want pupils - all pupils - to acquire, or rather to continue acquiring throughout their school lives, and beyond. At Catforth, we believe that all pupils can achieve in mathematics! There is no such thing as a ‘Maths person’, that is the belief that some pupils can do maths and others cannot. This policy sets out a framework within which teaching and non-teaching staff can work, and gives guidance on planning, teaching and assessment.


We understand that our learners come from a wide variety of backgrounds with varying exposure to mathematical concepts and practical experience. As a result, they require robust and clear progression through mathematical concepts and support with learning. The goal of our Maths teaching is to deliver the core aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum - both in the mathematics lessons and across the curriculum as a whole. Our children will be taught to be confident, successful and proficient mathematicians who can apply their Maths to other contexts and situations. We want our children to leave primary school ‘Secondary ready’, with excellent foundations for future learning.


We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning across school and our progression documents can be found below. 


Mathematics Policies and Documents

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