Good attendance at school is essential. We are very proud to be able to say that our attendance figures are above the average for the country.  

At school we have a responsibility to work with the Local Authority and Education Welfare to ensure each child attends school. Attendance is closely monitored in School and levels that fall below 85% are referred to The Local Educational Authority’s Attendance Support Team.

To support and promote good attendance we ask parents to:

• Ensure your child attends school regularly and arrives punctually each day. – settled and  ready for register at 9:00am.

• To contact school by telephone before 10.00am on the morning of any unforeseen absence. To ensure the safety of all children, a call is made to the home of any child whose absence is not accounted for.

• On return from a period of absence, to provide a letter to the class teacher explaining the absence in order for school to maintain appropriate records.

• Sign in at reception a child arriving late at school after registration has closed in order for the child’s attendance to be registered.

• Strictly avoid taking children out of school on holiday during term time.

• Endeavour to arrange dental and routine medical appointments outside school hours.