21 Feb

Lions Autumn 2 A

This half term we have been sharing our story about the Little Red Hen. We made some bread and practised our story telling! For Children in Need day we had some spotty, dotty fun. As the weather got colder, we learned about the season of Winter and the changes that happen on nature. Our half term…

9 Feb

Electricity and Niagara Falls

Our Spring 1 Science topic was Electricity. We learnt about the different sources of electricity and sorted appliances into groups depending on whether they are powered by battery, mains electricity or both. We made electric circuits containing bulbs, batteries, wires and switches. We also…

1 Feb

Forest school Panthers


We have been enjoying Forest school this year, learning lots of new skills and using different tools such as a mallet. We enjoying creating art through natural resources and making dens. 

15 Dec


We tried some sprouts and made mixed feelings about them.. so we found ways of making them tasty. We tested them out on staff and our friends to see if we had improved the taste! 

8 Dec

Marvellous Mayans

In Autumn 2, we learnt all about the Mayan Civilisation. We started by looking at Mayan objects that had been dug up by archaeologists. We discussed what these objects might have been used for and by who. We learnt about the main events in the Mayan timeline and acted these out in groups.  We also…

30 Nov

Lions Autumn 1A

A warm welcome back to our children and families! We have been busy this half term, getting to know new friends and learning about our Lions Class rules and routines. We have been working on our Movement Skills to develop our strength and coordination, and our learning has included lots of…

2 Oct

Amazon Art



We learnt all about the animals who live the Amazon. We created collages of these animals and shared out beautiful work with the school.


17 Jul

Lions Summer 2 - The Big Wide Mouthed Frog

We have been learning a story about a Big Wide Mouthed Frog and about animals we might find in Australia! There were some fantastic ideas when we changed the characters in the story and retold our own versions. 

During the hot weather we cooled off with some water fun and a lolly. We also made…

4 Jul

Leighton Hall 2023

Before half term we had a wonderful trip to Leighton Hall. We explored the forest, foraged for dandelion flowers, whittled some sticks, planted some beans and enjoyed playing in their wonderful outside classroom. We all felt rejuvenated and refreshed after spending a day in such beautiful…

9 Jun

Panthers trip to UCLAN Science Fair

Panthers Class had a fantastic trip to UCLAN Science Fair! We learnt about the science of superheroes and how own own bodies work, as well as how birds fly. We loved exploring the stalls at the fair and had a chance to fly drones as drive a formula 1 car simulator. We also discussed whether ghosts…

31 May

Lions Summer 1 - Supertato

Something strange had happened in Lions class - some vegetable friends needed our help! We had fun writing notes to Supertato and reading messages from the Evil Pea. We even learned a potato song to sing with a partner. 

As it was the King Charles special Coronation Celebration, we made a seed…

27 Apr

Spring 2 - Whatever Next?

We have been enjoying the story ‘Whatever Next’ We created our own ‘Space Place’ in our classroom and ended up planning our own Space Party with rock buns and games! 

For World Book day we dressed up as a favourite character. We shared the Julia Donaldson story ‘Zog’ and worked on our movement…